My Mission and Vision

My Mission and Vision:

I am a native Houstonian and a former student of the Houston Independent School System. My personal journey is uniquely Houston centered. I am an optimist, but I see we need help to restore faith in HISD’s leadership. Our schools and our city are full of potential. The CAN-DO attitude that is synonymous with Houston’s founding is the type of attitude I will bring to the Board. I am committed to bringing results and to offering our community hope in our children’s future once again.

Our children are Houston’s future! An educated workforce will keep Houston powerful and vibrant. Our children must be our first order of business in Houston’s future. Research is clear: the foundations set in the early years of life are the building blocks for future academic success. Better academic outcomes bring better job opportunities and a more successful Houston. Sadly, our district leadership seems focused on other priorities, and for far too many students, poor student outcomes is the result. We must put our kids first! Every measure we look at should be laser-focused on this alone.

  1. Sound reading skills that start with proven time-tested methods.
  2. Math basics that are core to advancement.
  3. Budget accountability to our taxpayers.
  4. Teachers given opportunities for training, guidance, and accessible teaching tools.
  5. Competitive pay for teachers so that HISD can attract and retain the best teachers for our kids.
  6. Leadership that sets the path and tone for a long-term vision, goal setting and holding themselves accountable for results.
  7. Better utilize the HISD annual budget to elevate student outcomes.
  8. Reasonable and attainable goals, both short and long term.
  9. Innovation to meet the needs of our students, staff, and infrastructure.
  10. Foster a healthy relationship between our schools, staff and the community.

Hope needs to be fueled and independence fostered. Our goals are to have kids graduating ready for career, college and/or military. Our children are worth the investment!

My best,

Bridget Wade